This week, as will be drilled into our heads, marks the 20th Anniversary of the Kurt Cobain's suicide. According to Loudwire, a local asshole named Richard Lee is suing the Seattle PD for not releasing the recently-released photographs earlier.

Loudwire writer Graham Hartmann writes:

"In Washington state, law requires that government agencies that fail to disclose releasable records pay between $5 to $100 per day, per document, for the delay. Add that up over 20 years… that's a hell of a lot of money."

I did add that up. It wasn't hard. Because I have a calculator and know how to do basic arithmetic.

365 days multiplied by 20 years is 7,300. The penalty would be between $36,500 (7,300 multiplied by 5) and $730,000 (730,000 multiplied by 100).

The article was written on a computing device that had a calculator program which was clearly labeled as a program for performing simple arithmetic equations (like basic multiplication). The author also had access to a pen and a piece of paper.


But doing 3rd grade math - hey man, that's like rocket science!

Also, it hasn't been over 20 years. It's been almost 20 years. (Boy is math tricky!)

Graham Hartmann - a journalist so lazy that he can't do simple multiplication.